About me

I’m Martin Cohen; I play the piano since I was 8 years old. I played in several bands, first rock/blues, and at the moment I play in a jazz quartet. Originally, I’m a physics/mathematics/informatics teacher, and I also taught (and still teach) the piano. Because of my long experience as a teacher, I know where students experience difficulties and I know very well how to explain even very complex subjects. I’m originally from the Netherlands and I was born in Amsterdam.

About this site

It’s such a great fun to play an instrument! Once you discover this, you can’t imagine living without it. Playing music makes you feel happy, it makes you feel good. When it’s already a great feeling playing music on your own, it’s even a greater feeling playing music together with other musicians. Can you imagine playing in a band and feel the energy of all the instruments together? That’s a fantastic feeling! musicians playing together In order to make this work, you need at least some music theory (but the more, the better). Can you imagine the guitar player saying to you: “Hey, could you play a C minor seventh chord in measure 3”, and you have no clue of what he’s talking about? You will probably, after a long time and lots of frustration, finally get to play that chord. But wouldn’t it be so much easier and more productive if you could shout back to the guitar player: “OK, man!”, and directly dive back into the song again? That’s why I created the site PianoTheoryExercises.com, because of the love for music, because music brings people together and let them have a great time. That’s also why I created a piano course for beginners that you can check out on the ‘music courses’ page. Also have a look at the theory lessons, the exercises and the music courses. Enjoy! But, above all: make music!